Thursday 17 March 2016

The Obnoxious Anti Semitism of @TonyGreenstein

Academic Tony Greenstein is the kind of person who claims to be a Palestinian activist but has a cowardly propensity to throw around the anti Semitism calumny. Couple this with his inability to check simple facts and the conclusion is self evident. (It is I who is Semitic not Mr Greenstein)

The reality of the Zionist project is a de facto conspiracy by the parasitical banking dynasty Rothschilds to divide humanity. This is not only detailed in their own archives before Theodor Herzl was hired by them, but also in newspapers from long before the official records claim.

The likes of Tony Greenstein are so far entrenched in their own pseudo reality they simply lack the backbone, courage and intellectual rigor to learn how deep the conspiracy tunnels through our collective history.

There will be no apology forthcoming from Greenstein, and you can rest assured his indignant self righteousness will continue as is normal with apologists for an obvious carcinogenic ideology on the human species. 

The tumour called Rothschild Zionism.

Update: Tony has a conviction for credit card fraud and other misdemeanours.