Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Vaccines -The Truth Behind Vaccines

Vaccines were not a huge topic for me. I know which ones I trust and I know the ones I absolutely would refuse for me and my family. Any attempts by others to force inject them, would entitle me to put a needle and inject it in those who proselytize those fast tracked drugs like Gardasil which was on a four year trial and released in 18 months by the most powerful lobby on the planet. The pharmaceutical lobby.

Watch this compilation documentary of professionals who at risk of their careers highlight the poisons being peddled by big pharma.

It was only on Twitter recently that I realised when touching on this subject the response was so large and uniform that I realised Big Pharma is hiring corporate shills to drive down any questions of vaccines. This is the first warning of a hazardous deceit taking place. Paying people to control the conversation.