Monday 28 October 2013

Lee Harvey Oswald - An American Hero?

I've just been listening to Joan Mellen on Webster G Tarpley slagging off vaguely defined theories as if we're all in agreement that only LBJ is responsible for the murder of JFK. I get frustrated with old researchers who are unresponsive to new information. We don't know the full list of people that decided to kill Kennedy but we do know some of the key parties. 

Rejecting LBJ's involvement is the mark of an amateur, as is rejecting the incentive for Mossad Zionists to take out Kennedy before he stopped them acquiring nuclear weapons. Focusing on David Atlee Philips as Oswald's CIA handler, while ignoring George de Mohrenschildt (and George Bush Sr.) is proof that some older researchers are skipping over information because it involves work and updating their schema for what happened.

Yes, the CIA were architects in the assassination, Dulles is a key player, yes the Joint Chiefs of Staff were involved, Lemnitzer and LeMay both had a hand in the operation, but anyone who focuses on just the CIA or the Military is ignorant of the wider control matrix that runs the US and does so even better today than it did in 1963.

The first half hour of this interview with the great Jim Marrs who Oliver Stone based his movie JFK on is brilliant information on Lee Harvey Oswald's exploitation by the criminal cabal that stopped democracy in its tracks. You would be foolish to ignore this information and I too must be wary of rejecting new information in the future.

This post isn't meant to denigrate the great work of Jim Garrison. It's just that so much more information has come to light that the professionals have built on his work rather than stopping in their tracks and listening to rather obvious government disinformation agents send the amateurs off scent.