Wednesday 23 October 2013

If Hitler & His Generals Were Jewish - Why The Holocaust?


We know that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun were of Jewish extraction.

I don't have a good explanation why many of Hitler's Generals were of Jewish extraction. I do wonder why General Paulus was married to an Italian card carrying communist and may have let his troops be captured be captured by the Red Army. I also know General Reinhard Gehlen (Head of West German Intelligence after the war) was fluent in Hebrew, a dead language at the point in history prior to the imposition of Israel only spoken by Rabbis. He was also a part of Operation Paperclip and a protected Nazi who worked with Allen Dulles in shipping important Nazis to the United States where they still operate in many U.S. institutions like the CIA.

We also learn from this interview that Admiral Canaris (Head of German Military Intelligence) was working for the Allies. General Erich von Manstein (real name Von Lewinski) was part Jewish and even Hitler had Jewish ancestry. Many more of Hitler's military were Jewish too.

It does seem the game is much more rigged than the official history leads us to believe. It's not black and white. That's for sure.

Update: The Independent reports that Gestapo chief Heinrich Muller was buried in a Jewish cemetery.