Wednesday 16 October 2013

Christopher Hitchens On Thomas Jefferson

Christopher Hitchens talking about his book on Jefferson in Annapolis. It's heavily pregnant with juicy scholarly information such as the US wars on Barbary States of North Africa, Sally Hemmings mixed race proposal to Thomas Jefferson and the Jefferson Bible which works on the sensible suggestion that all the Biblical rubbish is cut out leaving the good bits in. Naturally it's a slim volume.

The full presentation is over at C-SPAN but I can't embed it so I've just posted the audience questions above. The opening words are however extraordinarily memorable on the dehumanising effect that slavery has on the slave owner, not just the slave. 

A theme I may have to return to given I watched both Lincoln and Django Unchained in the last month.

Once again, the only error Hitchen's makes is his catastrophic misunderstanding of  9/11 which was synthetic terror by Mossad and Zionist Neocon criminals and he failed to understand that all terrorism is created by rogue elements of the intelligence agencies.