Friday 18 October 2013

Washington Foreskins & Jewish Redskins - Racism Isn't Sporting


This is the second time I've been impressed with Lawrence O'Donnell

I'm attempting here to clip from his MNSBC show just a small segment, so if MSNBC's clipping utility doesn't work it's right at the end of a 10 minute rant on the racism of the word Redskin (a slur against Indians) by the Jewish owner of the Washington Redskins.

Racism is one on the most important fights to stay on board with. I may criticize different groups but I don't hate them..

I wont tolerate racism around me even against those who kill indiscriminately like for example the Israelis, the Taliban, MI6 and the CIA. Not to mention those disgusting Takfiri Muslims beheading Syrians on behalf of the previously mentioned groups.

By all means criticize actions but a persons ethnic origin is not a fair collective adjective for group action. Ideology is though and in some cases ideology is religion so that's where the thoughtful person needs to tread carefully.