Monday, 21 October 2013

The Zapruder Movie Hoax

Who Was Abraham Zapruder?

Abraham Zapruder was conveniently positioned to film the murder of JFK and was a CIA linked Zionist. The film he made wasn't shared with the public until 12 years later. Abraham Zapruder was connected to George De Mohrenschildt. He was also a 32nd Degree Mason too.

Where Was The Movie Stored?

The Zapruder movie was kept by Time LIFE magazine, a well known CIA propaganda front run by Henry Luce. Henry Luce was a CIA insider and Yale Skull & Bones member like George Bush, who was also in Dallas that day, although he cannot remember what he was doing. 

JFK also fired CIA Director Alan Dulles who was placed on the rigged Warren Commission that was set up to only examine evidence pointing towards the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald killing JFK.

How Was The Movie Tampered With?

Four sequences were removed. The film removes the scenes of JFK's car turning into Elm Street, The Limo turning wide, The car stopping for two seconds and Two shots while the limo is stationary. The film was also tampered with using a technique called aerial imaging photography.

Why Does It Matter?

The same people who made a public display of executing Kennedy to warn future presidents who is really in charge, are the same people (and their offspring, successors and bloodlines) in charge today. They also silenced the media over the Israeli bombing of the USS Liberty, sold the Korean and Vietnam wars, dragged us into the Iraq war, and now want to go to war with Iran and Syria.

What Were The Top Two Threats By Kennedy To The Power Elite?

  1. Kennedy wanted to stop Israel developing nuclear weapons through stealing secrets and plutonium from the United States. The Middle East has been in conflict ever since.
  2. Kennedy wanted to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces, after he realised it was really a shadow government crime-syndicate that had lied to him over Cuba and the Bay of Pigs.
Anybody Else Upset With Kennedy?


JFK wanted the oil depletion allowance (tax breaks) for Dallas oil men to be removed and used to invest in the American people not rich thieves. Bobby Kennedy as Attorney General was cracking down on the Mafia and the Mob, The Vice President LBJ came from Texas, hated Kennedy and wanted to be President. His own mistress admitted he knew beforehand, The Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon were furious with Kennedy for not starting a nuclear war with the USSR, which was of no danger to the US. General Curtis LeMay chewed a cigar and enjoyed Kennedy's entire autopsy from the viewing room.

All of these parties assisted in the public execution of JFK. The media aren't allowed to discuss it. 

Fortunately the internet is getting smarter by the day.

Update: I did hear some testimony that Abraham Zapruder is just a cut out and that the real film was taken by some other CIA assets.