Sunday, 4 March 2012

43 Year Old White LA Millionaires Don't Just Drop Dead (Unless They Got Dirt On The Prez)

Left and Right politics are just a sideshow to keep people distracted. Breitbart was bragging about having dirt on the president and he and now he is not bragging. My guess (estimation etc) is that the people who put Presidents into power took care of that problem not Barack Obama himself. I might be wrong but the little Facebook exchange above put a smile on my face for the elegant way that an unintentionally tedious (but wilfully blinkered) person was ushered off the stage.

Breitbart (who most certainly was not my cup of Tea) will not be the public conciousness tipping point but there's a whiff of logarithmic desperation in the evening air and thinking about Whitney's ritually saturated sleb death event, it seems the arrogance of the people who can snuff peeps out is off the charts. I imagine there will be a few more 'odd' events to go before the unsheared sheeple start to say 'hang on a minute'.

In the mean time I'm beginning to enjoy that both sides of the politically dumb divide are starting to get pissed off by those in the middle who choose common sense not political ideology or having their reality painted by corporate media. Sniff around all sides. Ask yourself "what if"?

A quick Google of Andrew Breitbart has two headlines "An Icon of Heroic Conservatism" and "Death of Douch"

You will squabble till you arouse from your slumber.

Update: This is the first time I've listened to the man speaking and it is filled with angry and hateful epithets such as Occupy protesters are terrorists. The poor man never even suspected the game is rigged way above him.