Friday 2 March 2012

June 27 Synchronicity - Charles Hall,s alien encounters The Tall Whites Video

The sceptical response to synchronicity is increased sensitivity. For example if I buy a UAV drone to bomb the department of homeland security terrorists then naturally enough I'll be sensitive to seeing UAV drones everywhere. 


OK so for about six weeks now an unusual date has been popping up with such frequency that it's hard to ignore. I say unusual because all my life, even though it's my own birthday, I've never noticed it popping up more than now, and so that's the synchronicity sensitivity issue diminished quite radically. Anyway, I was looking for Charles Hall videos and I noticed it was uploaded on June 27 so I'm posting it here and ringing the synch bell. Maybe 27 June is a date to celebrate, or not.  

It's 1969 if there are any astrologers with spare time on their hands to do a reading Robert Phoenix ;)