Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Demerol, Demerol (Oh God He's Taking Demerol)

Researching Michael Jackson's murder I discovered that he died of Demerol. I didn't realise I know this drug until I I saw it in Wikipedia as Pethidine.

Once I was in hospital and the pain was too fierce even though I was taking the legal maximum of Demerol. My doctor who was the kindest and smartest doctor I've ever encountered bent the rules for me and upped the frequency by giving me the maximum amount of Morphine half way between the Demerol shots every four hours so I could make it through the cycle.

Anyway I checked the Demerol video on Youtube and it was uploaded on 27 June and as I'm posting my June 27 synchronicity thing like I promised here it is.

Odd because I never celebrate my birthday, and I've never noticed my own birthday coming up (in any media) but recently it's been bam bam bam every day or so. The song is called Morphine but Demerol is an interlude. I like this mix below.


This won’t hurt you

Before I put it in

Close your eyes and count to ten

Don’t cry

I won’t convert you

There’s not need to dismay

Close your eyes and drift away



Oh God he’s taking Demerol



Oh God he’s taking Demerol

Michael Jackson, DEMEROL Song, 1997, Blood on the Dance Floor, The History of Mix [1]