Friday, 2 March 2012

Alex Jones Interviews Foster & Kimberly Gamble About Thrive

What's amazing here is how people from both sides of the political spectrum are seeing that the control matrix is a rigged game and that they have more in common than separation. Thrive is a little bit love and light new age and Alex Jones is a little bit constitutional gimme my gun libertarian but what happens here is the discussion about free energy suppression that is starting to make sense to more and more people every day.

I don't believe the political game any more and if you were stupid enough to put me in charge I'd get rid of money because I don't think we need it and it's deeply unaspirational to have no idea of the alternatives or no vision like marketing and banking people would expect to have. We need food, freedom, health and compassion.

If you read my other thrive posts there's a link to download it if you can't afford to buy it.