Monday 3 December 2012

Lord McAlpine's Taste In Prepubescent Girl Art

Lord McAlpine has for decades been accused of paedophilia in print by Scallywag Magazine and Anti-Paedophile Campaigner and Activist, Mr David Icke. In all these years McAlpine has never sued anyone or publicly rejected their claims. 

In addition to his taste in art (sample above) a picture emerges of him that fits a character who is being protected by the establishment including media figures such as former Times Editor Andrew Neil (Annabells nightclub nutter) and Rupert Murdoch lackey "Dirty Dave" Aaronovitch.

I leave it to you to decide how you interpret the following evidence.

Here is the post that alerted me to McAlpine's taste in prepubescent girl art and photography. Here is a post on the topic by the Aangirfan Blog that is always essential reading and a Twitlonger kindly shared with me just now.

But most importantly are the words of Lord McAlpine himself on how to deceive the media.