Monday 23 August 2021

Boris Johnson's Dad - There Are No Coincidences

I've got somewhere approaching 20 thousand hours of conspiracy research under my belt over the last 10 years. Malcolm Gladwell says about 10,000 hours of any discipline makes a person an expert, but I've no time for him, so I'll settle for double to be on the safe side.

The point I'm trying to make is that despite knowing about the Georgia Guidestones, I never gave the population control conspiracy much credence as I understand the market driven and personal drivers for wealth creation, and I thought 'they'll never collapse the economy for population control measures.

Well, I was disabused of that ignorance sometime in March 2020 when the lockdown began and I instantly knew it was game on.

So here we are, the information confirming the so called theories is all around us and if anyone is paying attention to the hard data coming out of Israel (for example), you either believe the pseudoscience that there's a Delta Variant or you connect the dots and grasp that the injections are the delta variant.

I've written many times about the esoteric requirement for our antagonists to tell us what they're doing or going to do, and at this stage you either get it, and realise it's hidden in plain sight or it's all a vast coincidence theory.

Hard choices mean you've either taken the Clotshots or not, and the proof is very much in the pudding.

If the 'vaccinations work'.

Why don't they work?