Thursday 10 March 2016

Holocaust Indoctrination

I've always said the detention of Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and more is an obnoxious episode in any country's history. However obligatory Holocaust Studies is now pure indoctrination to shame and guilt the young (including Israelis) into never researching the facts. 

The holocaust happened per se, but it was not the tourist attraction that is now the official record. The holocaust is much more complex than just did it happen or not. It takes a lot of study to understand the nuance into why the Soviets built the 'holocaust' gas chambers at Auschwitz to have something to blame on a defeated Germany. The US was no better and did the same at Dachau and Nuremberg. Typhus was the key cause for the the half a million plus deaths that occurred. This was aggravated by allied bombing of supply lines to concentration camps though allied business interests such as General Motors were given a pass.

One element of this part of history that is most offensive and mentioned by neither Jews or Holocaust historians is that the Germans were experimenting on Jews in the camps for mind control purposes. The US imported the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity to work later for the CIA's MKULTRA mind control programs. Nobody wants to talk about this yet it's the most obscene part of the whole story.