Tuesday 24 July 2012

The CIA vs. Philip Agee

Philip Agee is one of the handful of CIA operatives who quit for reasons of morality and went on the run while the CIA tried to kill him for publishing a book of his experiences which include toppling two democratically elected governments in Ecuador to name just one South American country.

These kinds of interviews are no longer made in the US as the corporate media are unable to share what is really going on and how things really work. It is for this reason that most Americans are ignorant of their holocaust denial except the one that is increasingly known as shoah business.

The second interview is more cloak and daggers book writing in Paris while the CIA tried to kill Philip Agee but the first is the more important interview on how the CIA divides every country it is in against itself. The CIA are now doing in Syria and as they do everywhere, then profit from the misery and suffering that ensues. This interview took place in 1996 and so the references to Afghanistan are from the time when the US was building up the foreign forces that were to become the Taliban and Al Qaeda. It is striking how consistent the narrative is. A person might not know when it was recorded but the themes never change. It is a story of the gluttony of force over persuasion.