Saturday 3 January 2015

Powerful Storytelling - An Israeli Soldier's Story | Eran Efrati

Unlike @DannyCohen of the BBC I don't have the captive audience eyeballs of the brainwashed and programmed BBC viewers who still trust the nation's broadcaster to tell both sides of a story.

I do however have a circle of social media mates, one or two of whom might watch this startling testimony by Eran Efrati of the IDF (Known as the IOF by truth respecters, because they slaughter the defenceless).

I challenge Danny Cohen to watch the Jewish Zionist, David Cole's documentary on the Auschwitz gas chambers that were built by the allies at the end of the second world war to sell a story that that disguises another story. 

Why did we go to war for Poland only to give Poland to the communist Soviets at the end? Because the latter story conceals the earlier motive.

It will be too late to challenge the narrative that Danny Cohen is going to beam to a nation during the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in January, but he will never be able to say he didn't know about the permanence of cyanide compounds in brickwork, because I told him, and he never had the guts to respond with facts and science instead of calumny.

NB: Just because we know what didn't happen at Auschwitz doesn't mean we're sure what happened to the missing Jews at Treblinka. There is much debate, but the BBC's offering is more pseudo propaganda that doesn't help those who wish to know what really happened, irrespective of who is made to look bad.