Sunday 4 December 2011

The PENTAGON™ - A Bloody Gravy Train

U.S. citizens aren't able to speak critically and openly about the Pentagon's budget which is larger than the rest of the world combined and has killed more foreign peoples than any other country in history.

There are a brave few dissidents in the United States who have spoken out and faced the wrath of the omnipresent and sleepless internal security services (D.H.S & N.S.A) but they are subjected to smear campaignsdirty tricks or even detained by the police state.

This intimidates the public to stay silent in public and online and probably privately too as it only takes an email to the Department of Homeland Sicherheitdienst ....erm I mean security to place them under surveillance or warrant a visit to the workplace which threatens careers.

Douglas Dietrich worked for the Department of Defence at The Presidio and is a radical historian who was charged with destroying the Pentagon's records that they, like the Soviet and People's Army didn't want their populations to know. Fortunately for us he did his best to observe the historical records that were being bulk incinerated.

By establishing which  of the stories Dietrich (and we) can independently verify we learn some amazing history that will blow your mind. It's rock and roll history and will not suit those who are living the American illusion...erm ...dream.