Wednesday, 11 January 2012

John Lash - The Virus Of Divine Paternalism

Comparative mythologist John Lash has a hard to dispute lesson that the ethics of Judaism and Christianity were savagely corrupt from the get go. His main point outlined in his best selling book 'Not in his image'is the insanity of salvationism. In other words the power of the idea (or meme) that we are born sinners and the path to salvation is through a messiah redeemer/redemption complex. It's a non human construct peddled by the servants of our outside interference problem.

Lash isn't shy to point out that world events are being orchestrated and as we see Iran being provoked along religious and geopolitical lines it's impossible for the rational thinker who can see through the media propaganda lies to ignore the evidence for yet another uneccessary war being stirred up by very powerful groups who have no skin in the game.

We learn once again that Jesus and Simon would have emerged from the Zadokites/Tzadikim, an ultra radical sect often known as the zealots who viewed themselves as the righteous ones and who to this day, right at this moment, are threatening Iran with war. This is the hideous danger of divine right to ascribe ones self to a group of people who are chosen. It is xenophobia in its purest form.

John reminds us that Saul the bounty hunter (who became the St. Paul) under the protection and on behalf of the Roman empire infiltrated the radical and problematic Tzadikim through their induction ceremonies. Paul learned the secrets of the shadowy leader figure of this group of the name Melchizedek, and then turned against them establishing his own variant with the seeds of the Tzadikem sect present from the beginning. He takes care to point out that the Hebrews were no fans of the Zadikim due to their eventually suffering by being turfed out of the holy land by Titus who chose to throw the baby out with the bathwater rather than tackle the hidden virus.

Lastly and most importantly John Lash is explicit that the worst variant of the Abrahamic faiths is Islam which has a virus that turns in on itself as we see with the war between Sunni and Shiite doctrines. Also we should never forget the oppressive nature of Islam towards women but in the end all the Abrahamic faiths are a virus on humanity.

An off world idea easily planted by powers with technology to appear as Gods & Angels.