Saturday 30 December 2017

Chunks Of

Around 34.40 the Mor Lam kicks off. You can imagine my surprise.

Thursday 28 December 2017

Democrat Fundraisers & Child Sexual Abuse

Don't be surprised if Trump's administration leads to a third of Congress 'retiring early' due to this bipartisan subject. 

Harrowing testimony from a boy who was passed around for sexual abuse as a child at Democrat fundraisers or 'pool parties' as we learned they are now called from Wikileaks of John Podesta emails.

Friday 22 December 2017

Thursday 7 December 2017

History Of English Language - 1: Birth of a Language

A younger Melvyn Bragg gesticulating in a manner that is now inevitably dated for informative television content. The information however is excellent and it's an entire series available on Youtube.

Well worth studying in light of the constantly changing landscape for cultures, peoples and the languages they use. It appears that English is more flexible than many others in embracing languages while retaining its core distinguishing features.

Wednesday 6 December 2017

Gulf War Syndrome & The OKC Bombing

This is a gobsmacking interview. 

One of the best whistleblowers I've heard in a long time. 

The OKC bombing of the Alfred P Murrah building is largely forgotten by the memory wipes but not by people who are determined to expose the Clinton/Bush crime syndicate.

Sunday 3 December 2017

Richard Branson - Smug Weasel

Jean Paul Sartre - Another Zionist Puppet With Nothing Significant To Say

As is self evident from his photo, Sartre has no connection to the Middle East other than the Khazarian Ashkenazi desire to steal Palestinian land and genocide the Palestinian people.

What is it about the nature of Zionism, its racism, and its colonial policies that continues to escape the understanding of many European intellectuals on the left? Why have the Palestinians received so little sympathy from prominent leftist intellectuals such as Jean- Paul Sartre and Michel Foucault or only contingent sympathy from others like Jacques Derrida, Pierre Bourdieu, Etienne Balibar, and Slavoj Zizek? Edward Said wrote once about his encounters with Sartre and Foucault (who were anti-Palestinian) and with Gilles Deleuze (who was anti-Zionist) in this regard. The intellectual and political commitments inaugurated by a pro-Zionist Sartre and observed by Said, however, remain emblematic of many of the attitudes of leftist and liberal European intellectuals today.
While most of these intellectuals have taken public stances against racism and white supremacy, have opposed Nazism and apartheid South Africa, seem to oppose colonialism, old and new, most of them partake of a Sartrian legacy which refuses to see a change in the status of European Jews, who are still represented only as holocaust survivors in Europe. The status of the European Jew as a coloniser who has used racist colonial violence for the last century against the Palestinian people is a status they refuse to recognise and continue to resist vehemently. Although some of these intellectuals have clearly recognised Israeli Jewish violence in, and occupation of, the West Bank and Gaza, they continue to hold on to a pristine image of a Jewish State founded by holocaust survivors rather than by armed colonial settlers.
In an interview with the Revue d’etudes palestiniennes in 2000, the late Pierre Bourdieu said: “I have always hesitated to take public positions…because I did not feel sufficiently competent to offer real clarifications about, what is undoubtedly, the most difficult and most tragic question of our times (how to choose between the victims of racist violence par excellence and the victims of these victims?).
If by this, Bourdieu was referring to the holocaust, then he was a victim of Zionist propaganda. No matter how much Zionism continues to resurrect it and claim it as the excuse for its racist violence against the Palestinians, the holocaust does not justify Israel’s racist nature. If Bourdieu accepted this, then his dilemma of choosing between Israel and its victims would have been readily resolved.
Take Jacques Derrida as another example, who when lecturing in occupied Jerusalem in 1986 stated his position as follows: “I wish to state right away my solidarity with all those, in this land, who advocate an end to violence, condemn the crimes of terrorism and of the military and police repression, and advocate the withdrawal of Israeli troops from the occupied territories as well as the recognition of the Palestinians’ right to choose their own representatives to negotiations, now more indispensable than ever.” Derrida, however, felt it necessary to assert in his speech that the Israeli State’s “existence, it goes without saying, must henceforth be recognised by all”.
Despite Derrida’s opposition to White supremacist South Africa in the mid-1980s, he believes that Israel, a racist Jewish state, should be recognised by all. Derrida’s refusal and resistance to see that Israeli colonialism and racism operate with the same force, albeit with different means, inside the Jewish state as they do in the territories Israel occupies is a manifestation of an emotional attachment to this Israel, which Derrida declares openly as the motive for his statement: “As is evident by my presence right here, this declaration is inspired not only by my concern for justice and by my friendship toward both the Palestinians and the Israelis. It is meant as an expression of respect for a certain image of Israel and as an expression of hope for its future.”
Clearly, Derrida is attached to a certain image of Israel that is defiled by some of its actions, like the occupation. In that, he hardly differs from Zionist liberals who never minded the massacres and oppression of Palestinians under successive Labour governments but were only scandalised when the Likud governments followed a similar path during Israel’s invasions of Lebanon.
In a later interview which Derrida gave to the newspaper Al- Hayat in March 2000 while visiting Egypt to deliver a series of lectures, he asserted his continued opposition to Israeli occupation and his support for Palestinian resistance against it. He did add one caveat, however, namely that “I am also not on the side of anti-Jewish tendencies.” Derrida never explains the links he sees connecting Palestinian resistance against Jewish racist violence to “anti-Jewish tendencies”.
Derrida’s stance on Israel, like Bourdieu’s, is not unique at all. Leftist French intellectual Etienne Balibar has recently sent a large number of colleagues a statement justifying his recent visit to Israel to lecture there. Balibar, who is debating the merits and demerits of the academic boycott of Israel that some French academics and institutions are undertaking, falls on the anti-boycott side without ever saying so. Although he claims to support the boycott, his visit and lectures in Israel belie that claim. In his justification, Balibar claims his position not as a “contradiction” but rather as a “difficulty”. On the one hand, he does not want to isolate those Israeli academics who oppose their government’s occupation, which, he claims, justifies his visit to Israel, while on the other, he asserts that there are precious few such Israelis anyway.
Balibar does not explain how lecturing in Israel has helped these few Israelis break their isolation, and whether his visit simply increased the legitimacy of Israel, visited as it is by prominent world intellectuals who are even able to criticise it while there (thus confirming Israel’s propagandistic image as “the only democracy in the Middle East”). Nowhere in his justification does Balibar note the fact that Israel is a racist Jewish State; his opposition is only to its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Balibar seems to believe that by meeting and/or including Palestinian academic institutions and academics as part of his audience, his visit would be justified.
Balibar is obviously not ignorant of the nature of Israel and its racist policies. He does liken it to South African apartheid, for example. Would he however have visited apartheid South Africa in the mid-1980s and called for the withdrawal of South African troops from Angola and Namibia and asked that he meet with Namibian academics while remaining silent the whole time about South African racism? What kind of ethics is being enacted in such a justification? One wonders if Balibar would see this as a “contradiction” or as a “difficulty.”
In his recent book, Welcome to the Desert of the Real, famed Slovenian socialist intellectual Slavoj Zizek tackles the Palestinian question in a most unoriginal manner. What concerns him most is not the foundational racism of Zionism and its concrete offspring, a racist Jewish state, nor the racist curricula of Israeli Jewish schools, the racist Israeli Jewish media representations of Palestinians, the racist declarations of Israeli Jewish leaders on the right and on the left, or the Jewish supremacist rights and privileges guiding Zionism and Israeli state laws and policies - all of which seem of little concern to him - but rather Arab “anti-Semitism” which should not be “tolerated”.
Zizek makes Zionist-inspired propagandistic claims that have no bearing on reality, namely that “Hitler is still considered a hero” in “most” Arab countries, and that The Elders of the Protocols of Zion and other anti-Semitic myths are found in Arab primary school textbooks. While he seems to note Israeli discriminatory policies against Palestinian citizens of Israel and Israeli daily terror visited upon the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, the conflict, for Zizek, seems like one of competing nationalisms and can be solved by possible NATO intervention. It is not Zionist Jewish colonialism and its commitment to European white supremacy in Jewish guise that the Arabs are reacting to and resisting; rather, it is Islam’s rejection of “modernity” triggered by a Jewish “cosmopolitanism” that characterises this conflict. “Israel’s stand for the principle of Western liberal tolerance” is attenuated in his essay by noting its neocolonial role, but this clearly does not prevent Zizek from visiting the racist Jewish state where he was a week ago delivering four lectures in which, according to Ha’aretzhe never mentioned the Palestinians or Israeli racism and terror once. Such is the legacy of Jean-Paul Sartre on many European leftist intellectuals.
If Sartre failed to see how European Jews who left Europe as holocaust refugees arrived in Palestine as armed colonisers, Zizek’s approach is more insidious. While he insists that the holocaust is not connected to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, he proceeds in viewing the Jewish colonists as still remaining holocaust refugees and possible victims of some alleged Arab anti-Semitism. Herein lies his obsession with opposing the alleged anti-Semitism to which these Jews are subjected by those who resist their racist violence. Zizek’s own anti-Semitism which manifests in reducing Judaism to the anti-Semitic notion of a “Judeo-Christian” tradition, and which identifies Jews anti-Semitically as “cosmopolitan”, is never clear to Zizek who projects it onto the Palestinians.
While suspending the status of European Jews as holocaust survivors, these European intellectuals fail to see that much of Zionist colonialism began half a century before the holocaust and that Jewish colonists were part of the British colonial death squads that murdered Palestinian revolutionaries between 1936 and 1939 while Hitler unleashed kristallnacht against German Jews. Zionism’s anti-Semitic project of destroying Jewish cultures and languages in the diaspora in the interest of an invented Hebrew that none of them spoke, and in the interest of evicting them from Europe and transporting them to an Asian land to which they had never been, is never examined by these intellectuals. Nor do they ever examine the ideological and practical collusion between Zionism and anti-Semitism since the inception of the movement.
Zizek seems observant enough, in another essay, to note that Zionist Jews are employing anti-Semitic notions to describe the Palestinians. His conclusion is not, however, that Zionism has always been predicated on anti-Semitism and on an alliance between Zionists and anti-Semitic imperialists, rather he perceives the alliance that today’s Zionists have with anti-Semitism might as the “ultimate price of the establishment of a Jewish State”.
When these European intellectuals worry about anti-Semitism harming the Israeli settler’s colony, they are being blind to the ultimate achievement of Israel: the transformation of the Jew into the anti-Semite, and the Palestinian into the Jew. Unless their stance is one that opposes the racist basis of the Jewish State, their support for Palestinian resistance will always ring hollow. As the late Gilles Deleuze once put it, the cry of the Zionists to justify their racist violence has always been “we are not a people like any other,” while the Palestinian cry of resistance has always been “we are a people like all others.” European intellectuals must choose which cry to heed when addressing the question of Palestine.
The writer is lecturer of political science at Columbia University, USA.
This article first appeared in Al-Ahram Weekly. It is reproduced by EI with permission of the author.

Saturday 2 December 2017

John Podesta Melts Down Over Simple Questions

Podesta is reaching for the water before the questions are finished and gesticulating wildly as if climbing himself out of a large hole and distancing himself from any accusation. 

He is nervous, dry mouthed, sweating and highly uncomfortable.

Those familiar with statement analysis will note he doesn't deny having an interest in child abuse, instead he describes the 'mostly bullshit' (but not all?) claims made by the media about the PizzaGate affair which had nothing to do with a child sex ring in a Pizza restaurant but was always more about the people orbiting this modest pizza joint along with its sister restaurant Bucks Fishing & Camping that is so wildly popular with the weirdest of people including Jake Tapper's wife.

John Podesta is a very nasty piece of work and his back is in the corner.

I look forward to taunting him until he is in jail.

And then taunting him when in jail.

Friday 1 December 2017

If Roman Polanski Was A Muslim - Would He Be In Jail?

Wednesday 29 November 2017

David Wilcock, Corey Goode & Tom Delonge - The UFO Disease

David Wilcock who proselytises the Blue Avian/Corey Goode nonsense calls out Tom Delonge in an epic rant that, although somewhat accurate, is rooted in self evident envy.

David's role as a useful idiot and inadvertent shill for military industrial complex fairy tales has been out-shilled by Tom Delonge former front man for Blink 182 (don't those figures add up to 11?).

Grant Cameron nails the intrigue in the last video and once again demonstrates the age old question. 

Why is the deep state so obsessed with muddying the waters of the UFO/UAP/Alien topic? 

They literally have a handful of well funded disinformation narratives they are spinning right now which suggests that something is coming down the pipe.

Even John Podesta was trying to leverage the topic, though I always thought it silly that as her former Chief of Staff he used twitter to talk to her, when he has a direct line to her famous blackberry that she smashed up after leaving the State Department which she used to raise money for foreign bribes from countries like Saudi where women are the equals of dogs and transgenderism is a head chopping offense.

It's worth reading Tom Delonge's fawning and obsequious emails to John Podesta to see how creepy he is towards power.

If you don't have time to study all the material just skip to the Grant Cameron interview at the end.

Monday 20 November 2017

Arrestations De Masse

I'm not convinced Mass Arrests are going to happen any time soon.

That's not how the game works ordinarily, but I could be wrong.

However, I do feel there's a lot of deals being cut right now.

If Hillary is arrested it doesn't mean Trump is whiter than white (sic). 

He pretty much admits in this speech that he cut unorthodox deals with the NY mayor to do well in real estate.

Friday 17 November 2017

Remember Me - I Am The One Who Needed You, Believed In You

Dick Tracy - 1990

Well here we are, 2017 and a 2-way wrist watch is somewhat normal, although I've never seen anyone use it that way as texts are easier.

Al Pacino reprises his devil's voice in The Advocate for this movie so it's a familiar and brilliant performance though obviously with a different costume on.

Madonna probably acts one of her greatest performances in this role as in my view she hasn't been very compelling in other movies she made. Here she nails it though the singing does help.

Warren Beatty is just a few years too old for my liking in this movie, but is fairly harmless as an actor. Benign if you wish.

As i understand it both he and his sister Shirley McClean are connected to the Illuminati network as the Beatty family is part of them.

Thursday 16 November 2017

Statement Analysis - Apollo 11 Moon Landing

The FBI use statement analysis to determine if a person is lying. It's a 99% proven methodology based in science not pseudo science. 

The statement analysis demonstrates that the astronauts are lying.

I was most impressed that the analysis was done by Peter Hyatt, one of the most respected analysts in his field, and that when he realised the astronauts were lying, it created a cognitive dissonance in him so deep vis a vis his cultural programming that he had to share the work with two other professionals including his wife.

They both confirmed his findings that the astronauts are not telling the truth or rather are unable to tell the truth.

I do believe we have some very powerful 'woke' people on our side after this investigation. 

These are exciting times.

Monday 13 November 2017

Singh Sabha Gurdwara - Southampton

George Takei & The Apocalypse

The Apocalypse means the great unveiling and that's the times a few of us were writing about a some years ago and which we're living in right now.

George Takei is a significant voice on Twitter pressing for progressive liberal values while being particularly critical against Donald Trump.

Yet again we see someone who espouses a set of Hollywood liberal values in public life while having no regard for people when it comes to personal satisfaction. Actually if we listen to the recording above he says that he's a sexual predator for men in his home despite denying it for the last few days.

Howard Stern is crass and obnoxious. He is a primary driver of decay in the United States. 

He needs to be sent to Israel where he belongs.

Saturday 11 November 2017

Stranger Things - Season 1 - Netflix

It's been years since I've touched on the MILABS information. 

Military laboratories used to experiment on humans for mind control, psychic and genetic reasons. A lot of the info is tainted because it's now clear that many MILABS victims were not seeing aliens but being set up to look stupid by the degenerate people who have no regard for human life but do have an interest in discrediting anybody that survives their programs.

Anyway, I somehow just watched and learned that Netflix' Stranger Things is about this subject and it's clear that those Hollywood scriptwriters who used to follow me on Twitter before my account was suspended may well have been tapping into my research, though I suspect that Chris Knowles blog is much more influential in this domain.

I hear Season Two is rubbish but Season 1 is hanging out a lot of information.

Friday 10 November 2017

Lord Polak - Scurrying to Avoid TV Cameras

I'm fairly confident that some aspect of British Intelligence with the help of the PM and Alan Duncan set up Priti Patel.

She's extraordinarily stupid for a cabinet minister as can be seen defending capital punishment here, and is precisely the right kind of character for British traitor Lord Polack, ennobled by David Cameron to sleaze up to and convince her that nothing can touch her.

Well that smug grin just got wiped off her face and above we see Lord Stuart Polak like a rat running for cover somewhere dark.

Thursday 2 November 2017

Why My UK Mobile Bill Is So Low?

I'm very happy with my new mobile phone provider

It's a piece of cake to sign up, transferring my number went like clockwork and now I'm only being charged for the data I use.

If you're into excellent customer service, an easy bananas UX on the website and fairness and honesty I can recommend these guys.

It's not just about the money. 

It's about being treated with respect instead of billing me if I don't use all my data or immediately cranking up the bill if I go over the limit. That's just pick pocket mentality and there's too much of it in business.

If you use this link to sign up, you get a free month, and so do I.

Chinatown - 1974

Strange isn't it? How Polanski directed this movie (which stars Jack Nicholson) just before drugging and anally raping a 13 year old girl in Jack Nicholson's apartment and legging it to France. 

The irony is that he inserts himself into the movie for a cameo gangster role where he slits Nicholson's nose.

I would argue this act was mirrored in real life, through the movie, in a way that we saw synchronism echo massively in Rosemary's Baby

Again directed by Polanski.

It's as if the potential use of some kind of synchronism-sorcery has a ripple-effect on an event that acts as an alarm bell to those with a nose to tell.

I was tipped off about Chinatown by Jay Weidner who has redeemed himself in recent months by talking openly about Chosenite influence and spilling the beans on Spielberg.

Faye Dunaway is great as usual. Portraying the most untrustworthy of women though she does have an excuse. The opening scene is about blackmail and at the end (spoiler alert) it's about her super elite father raping her and producing both a daughter and a sister.

And that's how Hollyweird rolls.

Wednesday 1 November 2017

13 Minutes - 2017

I'm lucky enough to have a friend who has extraordinary good taste in movies and let's me know what to watch. There's really nothing more to ask out of friendship than that.

13 minutes is a painful movie to watch for more reasons than I care to go into here.

It's an extraordinary feat to make a film about Nazis without disintegrating into cliches but Christian Friedel has done that. 

Just one historical error in the script at the very end of this extraordinary movie. 

The gas chambers did not exist. 

They were constructed as part of a Soviet, US and UK psychological operation which props up the thought control matrix today.

But, as is self evident in this movie, Nazism was an obnoxious control matrix. 

I just wish people could see the drift towards the inhuman in our own society.

I'd rather be hung in my underpants than recant from telling what I know.

Knowledge is not the same as belief.

Similar movies: Der Untergang. Unsere Mütter und unsere Väter. Sofie Scholl.

How To Sell Credit - Barclaycard's Waiting Room

John Titor says that in the future people don't much like us. They look down on us for our superficial and self centered ways.

If the only thing standing between you and your dreams is a credit card you might be missing the big picture. I notice they're also peddling electronic cash to children through Facebook ads. Practical on the surface of things but a real danger if we've not studied our William Pawelec.

The Underwear Bomber & Vegas Mass Shooter

People often forget that the 'underwear bomber' changed flight travel

Now we have to strip down to our underwear or walk through carcinogenic scanners that can also interfere with DNA gene expression, owned by the same people who faked 9/11

It's the same deal with the Vegas Shooting, and Kurt Haskell who was on that flight takes us through the connections.

Michael Chertoff the dual Israeli citizen that ran the Justice Department which covered up Israeli involvement now stands to profit once again.

Tuesday 31 October 2017

The Weinstein Effect - Burn Hollywood Burn

The Harvey Weinstein effect has had a surprisingly candid impact on media voices including the Jewish Tablet Magazine and mainstream comedians like Jimmy Dore. 

I think there comes a time when names like Woody Allen, David Copperfield, Roman Polanski, Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, Steven SeagalBryan Singer, Louis CK, David Blaine, Leon Wieseltier, Charlie Sheen, Jann Wenner, Jeremy Piven, Brett Rattner, Dustin Hoffman, Matt Lauer, James LevineAaron BonderoffHoward Rubin, Joel Kramer, Eric Schneiderman, Les Moonves, Ryan Adams and Mark Halperin, to name just a few, point towards the toxic distortion in Hollywood and the media by a group ostensibly claiming eternal victimhood, despite being over represented in a world that pushes ethnic diversity everywhere but Israel.

I'm not saying this is a problem exclusive to this group. 

I'm saying for 0.26% of the global population and 2% of the US population it's an alarm bell for what power does to people and the Weinstein effect is a long overdue correction.

Monday 30 October 2017

Kevin Spacey & Jeffrey Epstein

Kevin Spacey has finally been outed as a predator for young boys today. Much like Hollyweird actor Alec Baldwin he also flew on Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express and blocked me on Twitter.

I wonder if people will finally start to realise that Bill Clinton is a rapist and father George Bush Sr is a known child rapist and pan sexual predator.

The War Business & Trauma Porn

Don't get me wrong, the creative execution really tugged at my heart strings in a big way. 

Great track by Queen, authenticity in the execution and a bit of fun had along the way.

I'm also revolted that we seem to be just as slick at healing child-trauma programs as we are in creating the trauma in the first place. I guess 

I need to contact War Child and find out if they know the full picture. 

Click on the ISIS tag below if you're still in the dark.

Sunday 29 October 2017

Badlands - 1973

I don't think I've ever *discovered* a movie before, but if there is one it's Badlands with Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen. I only came across it as I'm working my way through Sissy Spacek's career, and it gets so few mentions in contrast to its startling quality, I feel I've uncovered a gem.

If you're an old git like me that was too young to enjoy this or just missed it on the film map in the 70s and onwards, but now looks to relax and enjoy good movie making with great screen presence and credible scripts, I think this might work.

I had a lot of enjoyment watching this last night and I'm looking forward to seeing what other work Terence Malik has directed.

There's an amazing Youtube of Martin Sheen telling the story of how he came to be cast in the lead role of Charles Starkweather who was possibly the the United States' first charismatic serial killer.

Saturday 28 October 2017

Creepy Simon Cowell

Some people say Simon Cowell isn't the charming and friendly face he appears to be

I found his donation to the IDF after they targeted and bombed 500 children to death in Palestine most repugnant.