Wednesday, 29 November 2017

David Wilcock, Corey Goode & Tom Delonge - The UFO Disease

David Wilcock who proselytises the Blue Avian/Corey Goode nonsense calls out Tom Delonge in an epic rant that, although somewhat accurate, is rooted in self evident envy.

David's role as a useful idiot and inadvertent shill for military industrial complex fairy tales has been out-shilled by Tom Delonge former front man for Blink 182 (don't those figures add up to 11?).

Grant Cameron nails the intrigue in the last video and once again demonstrates the age old question. 

Why is the deep state so obsessed with muddying the waters of the UFO/UAP/Alien topic? 

They literally have a handful of well funded disinformation narratives they are spinning right now which suggests that something is coming down the pipe.

Even John Podesta was trying to leverage the topic, though I always thought it silly that as her former Chief of Staff he used twitter to talk to her, when he has a direct line to her famous blackberry that she smashed up after leaving the State Department which she used to raise money for foreign bribes from countries like Saudi where women are the equals of dogs and transgenderism is a head chopping offense.

It's worth reading Tom Delonge's fawning and obsequious emails to John Podesta to see how creepy he is towards power.

If you don't have time to study all the material just skip to the Grant Cameron interview at the end.