Wednesday, 1 November 2017

13 Minutes - 2017

I'm lucky enough to have a friend who has extraordinary good taste in movies and let's me know what to watch. There's really nothing more to ask out of friendship than that.

13 minutes is a painful movie to watch for more reasons than I care to go into here.

It's an extraordinary feat to make a film about Nazis without disintegrating into cliches but Christian Friedel has done that. 

Just one historical error in the script at the very end of this extraordinary movie. 

The gas chambers did not exist. 

They were constructed as part of a Soviet, US and UK psychological operation which props up the thought control matrix today.

But, as is self evident in this movie, Nazism was an obnoxious control matrix. 

I just wish people could see the drift towards the inhuman in our own society.

I'd rather be hung in my underpants than recant from telling what I know.

Knowledge is not the same as belief.

Similar movies: Der Untergang. Unsere Mütter und unsere Väter. Sofie Scholl.