Saturday, 11 November 2017

Stranger Things - Season 1 - Netflix

It's been years since I've touched on the MILABS information. 

Military laboratories used to experiment on humans for mind control, psychic and genetic reasons. A lot of the info is tainted because it's now clear that many MILABS victims were not seeing aliens but being set up to look stupid by the degenerate people who have no regard for human life but do have an interest in discrediting anybody that survives their programs.

Anyway, I somehow just watched and learned that Netflix' Stranger Things is about this subject and it's clear that those Hollywood scriptwriters who used to follow me on Twitter before my account was suspended may well have been tapping into my research, though I suspect that Chris Knowles blog is much more influential in this domain.

I hear Season Two is rubbish but Season 1 is hanging out a lot of information.