Saturday 2 December 2017

John Podesta Melts Down Over Simple Questions

Podesta is reaching for the water before the questions are finished and gesticulating wildly as if climbing himself out of a large hole and distancing himself from any accusation. 

He is nervous, dry mouthed, sweating and highly uncomfortable.

Those familiar with statement analysis will note he doesn't deny having an interest in child abuse, instead he describes the 'mostly bullshit' (but not all?) claims made by the media about the PizzaGate affair which had nothing to do with a child sex ring in a Pizza restaurant but was always more about the people orbiting this modest pizza joint along with its sister restaurant Bucks Fishing & Camping that is so wildly popular with the weirdest of people including Jake Tapper's wife.

John Podesta is a very nasty piece of work and his back is in the corner.

I look forward to taunting him until he is in jail.

And then taunting him when in jail.