Wednesday 24 September 2014

Oliver Cromwell vs Charles I feat. John Thurloe

I was reading that bullshit interview with head of MI6 Sir John Sawyers in the FT the other day. It's the one where he admits to dissembling but not lying (WTF), but where I claim he's lying through his teeth about MI6, CIA and Mossad involvement with ISIS/ISIL

The FT removed my comment, not for saying what I wrote, as you can read all that in the NYT but presumably for pointing out that MI6 are shit scared of Mossad and are basically their rent boys.

Anyway, even The Telegraph admits Qatar is funding the terrorists so what really caught my eye in the FT article was the nod towards Cromwell's spymaster John Thurloe. That got me thinking about the speculation that Cromwell was funded by the same bankers who got the world wars going

Either way both King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell come across as completely bonkers. At least King Charles has the excuse he was raised to be a self centred plonker. Cromwell seems to outdo him by toppling the King only to become even more king-like than Charles. 

All of this is accompanied by the usual bloodshed between the tribalists who you can see today cheering on the left/right god/no god paradigm, like teamsters-for-life flag wavers united.

I thought the second documentary posted above was superior to the first which has that pompous pseudo intellectual voice that documentaries use when they tell you nothing and spend ages describing violence, as if we're all three year olds who only understand sword play.

Update: The original videos were censored. I also suspect that Cromwell was sponsored by Dutch Jews, to overurn the monarchy.