Thursday 18 September 2014

ISIS - About As Real As Silicone Breasts

It takes a particular kind of stupidity to pretend that the UK, US, Israel and Saudi are not behind the creation of ISIS. We armed them in Syria, we trained them in Jordan and now we're pretending they're our enemy in Iraq. All of this is good for the war profiteers and the simpletons who haven't figured out that all terrorism is created by us to keep stupid people in fear of phantoms and tricks. There are so many issues on the planet that need our attention and the power elite are best served when we are distracted from what we most need to be focussing on.

It's a trick as old as the hills. If you're paying attention the spy agencies love to rub our noses in it with double entendres and referential inside jokes.

Update: This superb video on ISIS links to spooks has a half a million hits. It's easy to see why.