Sunday 24 February 2013

If Adam Curtis Went For The Jugular The BBC Would Fire Him

I've noticed that all the main run spook (disinformation/misinformation) blogs go in for a collage style of blogging that splatters different bits of information in the hope, I guess, that you make wrong conclusions or just spend a lot of time on them instead of elsewhere. Naturally there's a few nuggets of real information so there's a closely guarded way of scanning a lot of information very quickly and learning when to hit the 'next' button if one's chain is being pulled but that's for each to learn in their own manner.

Adam Curtis also goes in for a collage documentary style of documentary making but if we sift out the nuggets of analysis that go against the mainstream media news narrative, we're still left with a rigidly doctrinaire interpretation of history that weakly fails to challenge the 9/11 commission report, the CIA's involvement in JFK's murder and the worlds favorite paedophile network the Vatican or their paedophile blackmailers MI5 and MI6