Friday 15 February 2013

Did The Webbots & Remote Viewing Get It Right?

I've been posting Courteney Brown's Remote Viewing and Clif High's Webbots for the so called 'Global Coastal Event' and truthfully I've been expecting some of the action to come from the sky along with earthquakes and volcanism and expando earth model. It's a little earlier than I anticipated so it may just go quiet again but even though nobody knows how this gig is going to roll out I'm excited.

If it's an act of nature out of my control. I can think of nothing more healthy than a bit of apocalyptic action to get humanity to get it's act together. We're being manipulated and we will only figure it out when we realise that 99.99999% of us get along fine and the rest are rigging the game with their fake wars, fake media, false flags, faux terror and never ending lies when explaining why the ordinary people of this planet keep picking up the tab for the parasite bankers, royalty, military and media. It's all a scam.