Monday 25 February 2013

Blimey. That Six Million Figure Looks Fishy

If anybody can point me to independent holocaust counterarguments I'm keen to review all the available information. Until people respond in the comments below, the evidence is the six million figure is both hugely inflated and regularly pulled out to justify Zionism.

This is unacceptable; however even one Jewish, Muslim, Christian or any death is appalling, but if false figures are being used to justify attempts in order to stop people asking questions, and exercising freedom of debate (either wrong or right) then a great deception is taking place.

Update: Here are the Red Cross figures. Clearly the Zionists are exaggerating. These kind of lies are pernicious and so what else is being lied about. I invite you to research all claims.

Update. The International Red Cross revised their figures from 373 000 above to 6000000 once again as in the video of the pre war newspapers I've posted.  This is too much of a coincidence for the rational person so I assume it's somewhere in between half a million to  a million. 

A lot of people were killed in WWII including 20 million or so in the USSR. All of it needless manipulation.