Monday 31 October 2011

Alan Rusbridger & Slavoj Zizek Interviewed On Al Jazeera

Alan talks about his visit by the head of Scotland Yard to pressure him into dropping the phone hacking story. Zizek talks about the radio silence of the massacre and depravity in The Congo. Both specifically distance themselves from using the conspiracy word and yet are they not saying that corporate media is controlled? That some stories have the lowest possible odds of informing people?

It is controlled though mostly by (profit driven) agenda than micro managed orders being issued from Wizards behind curtains. That's what middle managers are for. However this is an even graver allegation than conspiracy which comes from Old French and before that Latin language of 'to breathe together'. 

Until the Anglo American media axis views all life as equal the media are a sizeable part of our problem. There are signs for hope but it does require more people to speak up in the public domain, and yet the silence on the most important issues of our times is a butchered and bleeding elephant tusk on the coffee table that the materialists would prefer not to talk about.

Even Al Jazeera showed us their line in the sand during the Arab Spring uprising though they are currently along with Russia Today providing a news service that is superior to most of the traditional Western media apertures.