Saturday, 29 October 2011

Joseph P Farrell - PhD (Ox) Patristics - Alchemical Transmutation & Ancient Physics


I thought about the title for five minutes and it still doesn't do the interviews justice. I've listened to all three and a half hours of this twice since it turned up on Youtube yesterday it's so good. I don't put a lot trust in academia usually but Dr. Joseph applies a rigour and analysis to some of the widest thinking available on topics that are a long walk away from conventionality and a half marathon from pedestrian interest. If joined up sentences are your thing then this is joined up paragraphs and chapters. 

The trinity as mathematical metaphor cheered me immensely as it's almost word for word my "consciousness needs triangulation to exist" theory that has people running for the exits when I talk about it. His new book called Grid of the Gods is out though after this talk I'm obliged to go back to the beginning and read all of his work.