Thursday, 27 October 2011

Stewart Swerdlow On The Anglo American Treachery Of Libya

It's not often I cut and paste from elsewhere but Stewart Swerdlow has written a kick ass article that deserves a wider audience. In the comments of the original post he asks a question that makes a lot of sense if you study all of the context details. Was that Gadhafi's double that was taken out instead?

"By now, everyone has seen the grotesque videos and still photos of Moammar Gadhafi being shot, captured, killed, stripped and paraded around Sirte, Libya while the rebels dance and shout, pray to Allah and the world rejoices that another evil ruler has been eliminated. Are you proud at how the world enjoys death and humiliation? Does it make you feel good to see an old, deranged man kicked and shot in public as people cheer?

We must keep in mind that it was the US and its allies that placed Col. Gadhafi in power originally. It was the same people in power that allowed him to harbor “terrorists” and become the evil villain for their show. When his show was cancelled, he was taken down in a sequel that the entire world watched and anticipated. It was only on Wednesday when Hillary Clinton announced that the dictator would be captured or killed. She is so psychic!

So, the trilogy of this series is completed. We had Saddam, then Osama and now Gadhafi. The puppets they created have been taken off the strings and thrown away. They had to show pictures of the murder of Gadhafi because no one really believed the undocumented murder of pictureless Osama. now there is “proof”.

Again I ask–would a despot like Moammar allow himself to be captured? I know for a fact from sources that he was hiding near the Algerian border with a huge entourage and billions in gold. Where did that go? Did he leave it somewhere? Who was actually captured and killed? Why are there conflicting stories of how he died? Was he found in a cement pipe or in a caravan fleeing Sirte? How did NATO know to bomb that caravan at that precise moment and how did the rebels know Gadhafi was in it?

So, who will come to power now? The rebels, with whom the EU and the US have been helping and supporting financially, are filled with members of Al Qaeda, The Muslim Brotherhood and various other “terrorist” groups. Are we friends with them now?

The next trilogy will also be Muslim. Watch destruction come to the leaders of Yemen, Syria and Iran. The final trilogy will be more “Christian” with the end coming for the governments of Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba. A nice, neat little NWO package. Our illustrious leader in Washington, never to be caught with no wars to create, is already preparing Africa for the next “hot spot”. He is sending 100 “advisers” to help local central African nations to eradicate evil men. Isn’t that how the Vietnam war began–we just sent “advisers”.

As governments are shaken, so is the Earth. There have been swarms of quakes this week in Hawaii, the San Francisco Bay area, Iceland and Central America. A 4.8 tremor rocked South Texas. This is either from the weakening in the Gulf tectonic plate or the enlarging of escape caverns and tunnels by the Illuminati. The quake in Virginia was located near major military installations and so is this one in Texas.

Like I said, 2011 is way more exciting than 2012 will ever be. Fasten your seat belts!"