Thursday 9 February 2012

Why Is The Vatican's Age Of Consent 12 Years Old?

Institutionalised sexual abuse is the septicaemia of 21st century life. We can smell something is bad but we're nervous to amputate the infected limb because we've never done it before.

In 1985 Ratzinger was sent a report of every abuse case that could harm the Vatican. Those reports were not collated to purge the church of paedophiles and ritual abuse. They were  requested in order to determine which problems were most in need of the resources to help cover them up. 

It's not that the problem is under appreciated by the time starved average person. The problem is it's under estimated which is so much more damaging. No right thinking individual condones abuse. It seems the problem is if we knew the true scale and the level it takes place at it would be intolerable to civil society. That's what is being covered up. The rot in the UK specifically is protected by a law that Jack Straw passed and then later failed to recall in an interview, and so it's on a level that despite public outrage is even worse than public thinks. The rot is at the very top and it's systematic.

Bill Maloney, the subject of the interview (and a survivor of abuse) is making films that are asking dangerous questions at the highest levels of office, and which no news organisation is touching. His professionalism is to be applauded. We don't have a guard dog media; we have a lap dog media.

We should encourage victims to come out and make it clear that we will support them in any way we can. Please end the silence. Both yours, and God willing the victims. Some of you may be acquainted with the Saturnalian cult and so I connect two dots for you. Ever noticed the Ratzinger's Red Saturn hat fetish? The brim is representative of Saturn's rings.