Tuesday 29 December 2015

Judy Byington: International Paedophilia, Trauma Based Mind Control & Satanic Ritual Abuse

I've started to accumulate a dossier of people in the media who regular as clockwork get mainstream media exposure to pooh pooh that Satanic ritual abuse even exists. It is my experience that those most regularly wheeled out to program consumers and dismiss that hundreds of thousands of children are sacrificed by these cults each year around the world are complicit in the activity.

Like Judy Byington I've been attacked and smeared online by the very people who engage in the activity they dismiss as fiction. However MKULTRA, Ritual Satanic Abuse, Multi Generational Satanic Abuse families and how the spy services and powerful family bloodlines use these techniques for their own purpose of shaping unreality is increasingly difficult to disprove as witnesses and counsellors come forward.