Tuesday 23 October 2012

Paedophiles In Power

Some of you may have noticed that Ed Miliband has called for the Government to set up an independent inquiry into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal to “do right by the victims”. This is probably because the Opposition Leader thinks – given Savile’s connections – that the Conservative Party is more likely to be damaged by whatever surfaces. But those who follow the antics of Labour in local Government (and have watched both Harman and Balls do nothing when they were in power) suspect otherwise.
The largely Labour controlled and supported social care system and Family Courts ‘ring’ have been Britain’s biggest secret social disgrace for two decades. I and many others have followed the trail of abuse, gagging orders, bizarre acquittals and cover-ups for many years…the leading light in this investigation being Christopher Booker who last Sunday called it ‘the greatest scandal of my career’.
Below is a selection of evidence about the small minority with big influence in Labour’s local government politicians. The striking thing in almost every case is the protection given to the guilty, and the risible lightness of sentences handed out by the Judiciary.
A three-times Labour Council Candidate Richard Harris was arrested at his home in Union Street, Exeter and his computer removed for child protection officers to examine. He stood as the Labour Party’s man in Three wards, St Leonard’s, Heavitree and St Thomas….Exeter suburbs with a high incidence of Primary Schools. Harris was arrested with a list of 500 children’s names in his possession. He has been charged with offering junior school children money to have sex with him. He said to police officers when interviewed ‘I felt mostly turned on by children.’
Labour’s Manish Sood, a prominent Councillor in Leicester, has been found guilty of trying to molest children. Ushered quickly by security staff at Leicester Crown Court, he was the subject of abuse and boos as he was led down. Sood had seen an advertisement placed by a school girl for a job in Gumtree, phoned her and asked her for sex at a fixed price. Around 200 phone calls and text messages by Manish Sood were received by children, and all offered sex for money. He offered them £200 each, but the kids refused.
The Judge gave him a three year supervision order and banned him from being near children unsupervised. His mother, also involved with the Labour Council in Leicester as aide to the Mayor, stood by him throughout the trial, saying he was a ‘good man.’
Labour Party Councillor Ben williams took a job as a History & Politics teacher in King George V school in Southport, but was found to have the words ‘Lolita’ and  ‘Child Porn’ typed into school computers he logged onto with his personal pass key. A group of IT teachers at the school noticed other entries by Williams on  computers he had logged into.
Williams admitted to police that he had been tipped off about a section 47 investigation paedophile investigation being ongoing.  He then deleted 207 files on his pc, but the jury was unable to reach a verdict at his subsquent trial.
In Rochdale, the Labour Party approved the selection of  Aftab Hussain as a councillor. Hussain was connected to the infamous Mulsim paedophile ring during the subsequent trial. The ring  abused and raped under-12 year old girls, but  Aftab Hussain told the Court that the nine accused paedophiles were of good character. (Last year, Labour’s Rochdale Councillor Darren Pedley and his wife were arrested for downloading child porn images and distributing them on the internet. They face trial in Bolton during October.)
Liam Temple was the Labour Lord Mayor of Halton in Cheshire. Temple sat next to a constituent’s small daughter and said, ‘£5 if you let me see your breasts, £10 if you let me see down there.’’ He was found guilty at Cheshire Crown Court,given a suspended sentence, and forced to sign the sex offender’s register.
Stewart Brown, The Labour Party Lord Mayor of Hebden Bridge, was put under arrest after police and special child protection units raided his home and removed his computer, cds and other hardware to be examined by the special forensics team. He was found to have been downloading child pornography material from the internet of a severe nature, including a child in Bondage and Shackles. The images, said the judge at his subsequent trial, were horrific: yet he escaped with a suspended sentence, and has been made to sign the sex offender’s register for the rest of his life.
Labour activist  Mark Potter worked for Hackney and Liverpool City councils. He was allowed to seek a job near children in Liverpool first, but his strange activities worried other house masters and he was transferred to Hackney. There he is alleged to have made frequent visits to childrens bedrooms at night in the Labour Hackney council run care home where he worked.

Two weeks before London’s police Special Unit for protecting children were due to arrest him for child abuse, Trotter died of AIDS. Hackney Borough Council was asked by the subsequnt enquiry why the Labour run Liverpool City Council did not inform them of Mark Trotter’s ‘lifestyle’. Given Trotter’s death, those questions haven’t been answered. They almost certainly never will be.
In North Lincolnshire, Labour Councillor David Spooner was found guilty of attempting to corrupt two boys aged under ten years.  Spooner told the boys to sit on a couch in his living room, and returned soon afterwards completely naked. The two boys refused to take off their clothing. Spooner then masturbated in front of them. The boys told their parents who immediately called the police. In Court at the subsequent trial, the Judge called the encounter ‘depraved’, but decided not to hand down a major sentence because  the boys had not been touched. David Spooner  is now serving a twelve month prison sentence.

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It would be satisfying but untrue to say that any of this surprises me. Five years ago I wrote the full, tragic story of Barbara Richard’s appalling life while going through the care system as a child. It is, from end to end, horribly similar to the accounts above.
And it’s still going on, week in week out. Ex Deputy Labour Party Lord Mayor of Peterborough John Johnson, for example, will face charges of downloading images on the internet, involving the rape and violent abuse of small children. Confirming that Johnson had been charged with downloading hundreds of images of child molestation, the prosecutor Mr Giles Beaumont said, “This charge relates to an extreme level of child pornography. Some images involve animals”. Magistrate Michael Flanagan called for the case to be heard before a crown court, and the trial date is November 6th 2012 at Peterborough Crown Court.
Stories like these are why I think the Savile witch-hunt is a distraction from something much more serious and systemic. Over and over I have posted to the effect that Jimmy Savile was not that fearsome as an individual: he got away with it because he had protection in the senior echelons of the Establishment. This is the core matter at issue here, not the ‘Celeb perv in 130 in bed romp’ bollocks put out by a slavering press pack.
When Minister for Women, Harman did nothing. When Minister for Families, Balls did nothing. Nothing is being done at the moment in Plymouth, beyond gagging orders and solicitors’ letters trying to keep a lid on things. Nothing has happened since a senior silk was appointed to reform the Secret Family Courts iniquity. No message is being sent to paedophiles that high office will not protect them. Nobody went to jail in Stafford social services, although they should’ve done.
Ed Miliband can call for as many independent enquiries as he likes: “bring it on” is what I say. But perhaps Ed should be careful what he wishes for in terms of Labour’s endemic problem in this murky sphere.
And of course, Miliband having called for the enquiry to be independent, Culture Secretary Maria Miller has turned his down. She told MPs she was “confident” BBC chiefs were taking the claims “very seriously” – and warned that an outside inquiry could hamper police investigations. What complete tosh.
Let’s look more closely at why Miller probably doesn’t want that enquiry to be independent. Her predecessor was Jeremy Hunt. Hunt is bankrolled by senior Tory supporter JHJ Lewis, Chairman of the Groucho Club. The club’s website was discovered recently to have been a forum for paedophiles, and was hastily taken down. You can see my previous post on this here.
Wherever one digs in Britain, there are people of rank protecting paedophiles and sharing their proclivities. They remain a tiny minority – but their population is in inverse proportion to their power.
Forget Sir Jimmy Savile OBE. The inquity recorded above is what the MSM should be delving into.