Friday 6 May 2011

CIA Ritual Satanic Child Sex Abuse and Human Sacrifice

Ted Gunderson used to run the FBI in Southern California. Seven hundred agents underneath him. He's unambiguous about the scale of ritual satanic sex abuse and how high up the pyramid the cover-up goes. Why this is happening is even more unpalatable to understand than the abuse itself. By that I mean it's unlikely that even a handful of people will stop to find out why an alarmingly consistent profile of power, across the planet, needs a steady supply of children (and young adults) for ritual satanic sex abuse. However even less can deal with the reason why although the testimony above stands strong, as well as that important film interviewing David Icke on the subject.

These are not issues I enjoy writing about but things are changing and silence isn't an option. Every day more people know what is going on and that the people involved are not difficult to identify. They are however still difficult to arrest. 

For the time being.