Sunday 4 June 2023

Gore Vidal vs Roy Cohn

Gore Vidal never disguised his aristocratic background. Roy Cohn did. Also, Gore Vidal dropped more intel about his social class than anyone else to my knowledge. Gore Vidal taught me the importance of knowing where a Young American was schooled. It's a big deal here, if not bigger across the pond of idyllic thinking.

Goalhanger Films have great historians in their employ, both of whom would have fascinating opinions on the conversation above. Particularly Dominic who is a US political history scholar. Trigger warning : If you continue to read, there's a spoiler.

My conversation starters are: Did you notice they're all (including the presenter with blond curls - a fetish for Roy), homosexual in this Television Production. 

Where's Harvey Milk when we need him?

Is Salisbury Cathedral made by man? 

What sort of man?