Thursday 3 February 2011

What Did My Dimethyltryptamine Experience Look Like

My first instinct when looking at this graphic was 'holy shit' is that a Harmaline graphic? It looks more molecular and without the geometric lines of the Mandala (see below) through a 5-MeO-dimethyltryptamine or Dimethyltryptamine entheogen concave lens (I don't fully know the difference, but I've read up on it enough to attempt to at least theorize).

But no it's not quite the Mandala above. It's more the Wired article about a 3D nano X-Ray of a virus protein.... Which isn't totally out of the game, though what caught my eye was the line by Stanford University Physicist Martin Seibert:  “Growing one of these crystals can be worth a Nobel”. Here's the DMT Molecule.

The intellectual model of my DMT experience during the short duration that lasted minutes not hours is not easy to condense. It was so extraordinary it took me three days to remember the bare essentials and six months to assimilate the shreds of information I could recollect. Above is a tiny hint of the colour and geometric palette I don't mind using as a speck of suggestion.  It doesn't come close to the intensity of colour experienced or the suspension of time and dare I say it, non three dimensional space. It's an entheogenic experience and not to be taken lightly

I've not had the courage to try it again after over a year since my one and only experiment. The journey was transdimensional but coming back to the reality on this level took ten minutes or so. It was brutal, coming round and back to 3 dimensionality. I thought I'd gone insane. Cognitively it was like living in a Bugs Bunny cartoon running backwards. Emotionally it was as psychology battering as I imagine say male on male rape to be. Couple that with the paranoia of a SWAT team of psychic entities swooping in to arrest me and frankly I was OK to take the strait jacket and be carted off to the comfort and security of a padded cell.

However, I came back with a saucer full of secrets that changed everything. I was shown things. I don't know who was doing the showing.

I would do things differently if I go back. Set and setting. Lower dose. Meditation beforehand. I would pray to the Universe 'please be gentle on me'.

I'll write up the actual experience shortly. I've been wanting to do it for a long time. All I've talked about here is colour and geometry. There's a lot of depth and breadth across many subjects in the 20 or so minutes I was dimensionally elsewhere. A long time according to the DMT testimonies on the net but still incredibly short compared to Ayahuasca or Psilocybin.