Thursday, 19 May 2022

Leon - Wednesday 18 May, 2022

Leon Benjamin passed away this morning, after a viciously short illness.

Leon and I were connected for many years internationally, and even when he messaged me about my mother's terminal brain cancer; by the time it was all over for mum, I'd completely forgotten about Leon and his messages of support. He persisted in getting to know me despite my confiscated influence on social media due to deplatforming. 

Those are always the best people. The one's who couldn't care less about your status.

I had the privilege of getting to know Leon when I moved back to the UK. He loved my writing and wanted to get me involved in work. We'd never met in real life, so after writing an Amazon proposal for him, he was excited about some of the ideas I put forward and he wanted to meet in real life to talk about working together.

I was broke so I needed support from DWP for train tickets (Hi guys, I know you read my blog) to travel to London, and they agreed and then reneged on their promises without telling me on the three occasions I was given different criteria to prove our meeting was professional. Always changing the goalposts aren't 'they' Hannah? Thing is you've demonstrated you're incompetent, especially when you chipped in on rental allowance yet remained silent over your assurances on the travel costs.

That's why documenting it here and for over two years on my journal is a fait accompli if necessary. Nobody in the civil service has ever had the time to read the full extent of what I've had to put up with, but an ombudsman, a lawyer or a jury are obliged to read the evidence in full and will understand that repetition of obstruction is by normal evidentiary standards proofs of conspiracy - a very serious accusation in the civil service. 

Senior colleagues gave assurances, so I agreed, to drop all complaints and moving forwards, if I'm treated without prejudice, that's the end of the matter. However if further prejudice returns, the onus is your side to explain random re-uploads of the documentation I provided to prove it was a business opportunity meeting Leon in February this year.

Three months after that meeting and a nameless agent apropos of nothing, and demonstrably provable irrelevancy, reposts my original five files with no feedback? I didn't raise this matter with your superiors recently, because it's trivial compared to the provable obstruction. That doesn't mean it isn't documented.

Leon always talked about meeting, but he was a very busy guy so to secure the deal, I had to be a bit pushy with him. I finally got an appointment and while I was waiting at The Granary bar (St Pancras, my old stamping ground), he messaged his train was delayed and I flippantly replied 'that's OK, I'm drinking champagne on your tab 😎. '

When he arrived, He asked where's my champagne, and when I explained I was only joking, he said let's have some champagne and I ordered a bottle of Veuve Cliquot which he only touched one glass of, as he was technically an abstainer.

It was a lovely afternoon (just a perfect day) and Leon was glowing with health, humour and vitality. When we departed, Leon was convinced he'd find another project to work on together as the proposal I'd written had fallen through due to standard corporate changes of strategic direction. All that documentation is on my UC journal and as mentioned, was for no reason re-uploaded a few days ago.

Leon and I were more than just similar. We both knew why we're here and the price we must pay. He was mixed international and we shared Maltese genetics. Most of our conversations were metaphysical so that's why we needed to meet face to face in order to cement any possibility of working together.

Leon knew I was unemployable as a targeted individual, but he didn't flinch at that, and I pray this sudden illness and even quicker demise is not connected to me (it wouldn't be the first time).

There are only a handful of people in the corporate world who can execute consultant project management at a C-Suite level and still inform everyone they know and care about what is really going on, when the entire corporate narrative world is lying about vaccine efficacy/mortality, masks and lockdowns.

Leon was man. A real one. 

He told me to my face he couldn't give a fuck about upsetting anyone in the world as the only people he cared for were his family.

You are not gone for me Leon. Your uniqueness left an indelible change on my heart as it did with many who met you.

In these days it's almost impossible to be a great family man, a truther and high level corporate consultant.

You showed the world how to juggle all three masterfully.

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Roe vs Wade

The abortions-are-magnificent crowd (including The Lancet), demonstrating how captured the most prestigious (i.e. all) institutions are,  will ordinarily be unfamiliar that the story was fabricated with whopping lies.

Thing is though, I've noticed that they're also incapable of changing their minds which were formed (in the main) not by themselves independently. It's futile hoping for any sentiment of intention to think about things when presented with new information.

It occurred to me lately that this lockstep solidarity to political correctness must by reason be dogmatic. Where does that dogma come from? Who says what is correct? How is PC zealotry telegraphed to the avowedly 'politically correct' in these fast evolving times?

The answers are perhaps obvious though less obvious is that the stance of the antidote to PC is Political Incorrectness. Not Mao's Little Red Book or Das Kapital or Teen Vogue... incorrectness is what the individual decides must be a stand against the latest BS which is so offensive it manifests an unavoidable and visceral resistance to the go-along-to-get-along path of conformity and groupthink.

Abortion is a tragedy, but it's also food for a small controlling group.

Norma "Roe" McCorvey bitterly regretted how she had been manipulated, and spent the rest of her life advocating for birth over murder. I too regret, all these decades later, that the fait accompli I was presented with back in time, could have been averted if I'd been more mature and clear sighted.

It's too late.

Friday, 13 May 2022


"They're not "sausages" they're sausage licenses. It's not a sausage, it's experimental sausage therapy. 

"Sausage" is at best completely pointless sausage isolation and at worst sausage incarceration.

Call things what they are, not by their euphemisms"

Monday, 9 May 2022

Janet Beat - Pioneering Knob Twiddler

BBC Radio 3 is smashing it out of the park at the moment. They've opened up a lot more to music experimentation and not only is it the good stuff but their presenters are so articulate and able to pronounce difficult international names with an ease and fluency I've not heard elsewhere. That's attention to detail. 5pm onwards if you're in need of the kind of music that washes off the 2022 pressure building up dangerously around us as a global medical biometric security complex. More on that later when I post about my recent stay in Southampton General Hospital.

I was listening a couple of nights ago, and the presenter announced that I'd been listening to Janet Beat, one of the early electronic music pioneers. Huh, I thought. I know most of the pioneering names but not this one.

Turns out as the top comment below the video {Eliane Radrigue} on Youtube says:

Interesting to notice how a lot (if not most?) of the pioneers of ambient and electronic music from the 60s across to the early 80s were women..Eliane Radrigue, Laurie Spiegel, Pauline Oliveros, Daphne Oram, Delia Derbyshire, Charlotte Bebe Barron etc...

Well I certainly didn't know that before so there's plenty of rich searches to explore her female contemporaries. It's also worth noting that one of the earliest synthesiser pioneers Wendy formerly Walter Carlos was also an early pioneer of sexual characteristics reassignment surgery.

Sunday, 8 May 2022

Craig David & MNEK - Who You Are

I haven't paid much attention to Craig David till recently. He's a Southampton Lad so I do get to hear him on where local talent obviously gets a bit more airplay and that's how I found out this wonderful song was his using Google Assistant to identify the track.

Not only is it a blinder, but it handles homosexuality or gender dysphoria with the kind of restraint that is classy, not obnoxiously shoved down our throats.

Craig comes across to me as a nice guy and when I think about the excessive hammering he got via Bo Selecta it felt overdone and agenda-driven to me. I wonder if he upset someone powerful? That's the usual media agenda when they slag someone off day in and day out like Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump.

Craigs voice in this track is as close to angelic I can think of. What a talent.

Not so sure about that MBE though. I'd rather have leprosy than an award of Empire and Royalty.

Another few years or even months and everyone will know.

Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Impending Food Shortages

As a former marketing and advertising kind of guy, I take a close interest in retail layouts, products and promotions.

My first question during the lockdown was how Poundland remained open as it must have been the biggest revenue boon ever for them, making money while other retailers were closed for the scamdemic.

For the open minded the documentation was published before the plandemic. Event 201 is just one search term  along with patents and orders for COVID supplies made long before the phenomenon itself. People who are invested in the mainstream media deception appear psychologically incapable of researching the abundant material available. I feel disappointed when given fake news but I'm never triggered.

However, I can trigger the fuck out of any Vaxxed/Save Ukraine womble. 

Don't believe me? Send me a message and I'll arrange the zoom so we can see who is unstable.

I've repeatedly referred to the revelation of the method on this blog. The controlling pseudo elites must show the flock what they're going to do in order to have their free will to then be subjugated or just plain murdered as the Midazolam and Morphine crowd discovered when Granny was taken-out under the auspices of healthcare.

I know a multimillionaire who went to hospital for insomnia and was knocked out, intubated and for months begged for help knowing he was being killed and then when they didn't die (physically a very strong man), he was shipped to the loved-up ward and the good cop, bad cop psychology worked a treat. He delivered them flowers afterwards, that's how powerful trauma based mind control is. Remember trauma based mind control? I've over ten years writing on the subject on this blog.

But back to Poundland. They dismantled their floor plan and where products were packed to the rafters, they've widened the aisles and have halved their inventory at least. The halving is because they can't get the products from China but also there's that deliberate commercial shipping backlog which is just as synthetic as the fires at foodplants.

If you think this is a batshit conspiracy theory, then stand by your principals and don't panic shop. They took the piss with the toilet rolls a couple of years ago but this next stage is for keeps. [We both know the normies will panic shop when the inevitable panic-chapter kicks in again].

All of the above is a pretext for a hybrid depopulation plan coupled with biometric tracking of those left behind to serve the cattle owning class. The trick is to do it slow enough so the herd don't stampede.

It's so obvious.

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Save Gonzalo Lira?

I'm not concerned by his silence. 

I'm worried. 

Make your own mind up.

Update: Gonzalo Lira was arrested by the Ukrainian SBU and all his electronics were confiscated and instructed to keep quiet about internal affairs so he had no way of reaching the outside world.

He did get some tweets out and they were imo quite ungrateful for the concern expressed for him.

Update: 10.05.22

It seems he can vlog from Kharkov which suggests to me he's working with a breakaway faction of the SBU? He hasn't got a choice but he seems to be enjoying his current role.

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

WOW - New Forest ¬ A Year In The Wild Wood

One of my weaknesses [I have them] is I thin-slice people I meet, which is to say that I pigeon-hole them in a few seconds rather than allow their character to shine through.... in its own time.

I don't mind confessing, I thought Peter Owen-Jones was kitted out in the best New Forest squire-attire and was thus fake.

I couldn't have been more wrong. After multiple WOWs I was a fan. I know the New Forest and Lymington fairly well, but I probably quadrupled my knowledge listening to Peter. WOW indeed.

If only the BBC could sell off their propaganda division?

Let the talent flourish I say. It's boastful to pigeonhole this kind of filmmaking as unequalled throughout the world. 

It's more accurate in my mind, to say no media institution makes more of this quality.

It's a compliment

Monday, 14 March 2022

Superstar St Jeremy

As I've often pointed out in the past, even though it earns me no credit, that I enjoyed Donald Trump in power, although in the final analysis, he's a Zionist and so his loyalty is to Israel first not the USA. 

Once again, I enjoyed Trump being part of the plan, but he's not the plan. 

A lot of people struggle with that.

I also like the persona of Jeremy Corbyn. He's an allotment owner and a wood turner (as is my father) which are the sort of hobbies people should do and still have. 

I watched JC as he tried to take a middle road for BREXIT which was political suicide, but also as he was branded an anti-Semite by the far right Zionist Chosenites who are disproportionately represented in the media circus currently too busy selling big pharma and war in the Ukraine, he was dead in the water.

Not many people know that Islington was the only constituency in the UK that had historically proven child sex trafficking in every single children's home. It was the easiest place in the country for powerful entities to pick up what they wanted twenty-four/seven. 

Corbyn has been the MP for Islington since 1983 

I couldn't understand why the leading social worker representing children in Isington, Dr Liz Davies approached Corbyn on more than one occasions to investigate. Each time she pressured him, he was non committal , disappointingly uninvested in the subject, and vague about his feelings on the matter.

Then under pressure, he reassured Dr Davies and others, that the people on the ground who knew what was going on, in Islington, his constituency specifically were satisfied that the matter was resolved.

What was resolved Jeremy? 

You're a public servant. 

How many born after 1969 are no longer with us? 

That's not impossible for ONS to provide.

People wrote to The Saint

They called and confronted him, time and again but no action was taken. I contacted Liz Davies to understand if it was a comprehension issue but she assured me that the gravity of the situation had been made unambiguously clear.

Now, I don't know why JC did fuck all to stop child rape on his manor. I really can't speak for him, so until he explains how many, and who he raised the matter with, the matter is grave and unfinished.

Eileen Fairweather of The Independent and The Evening Satandard railed against Corbyn again and time and again. Because vulnerable boys were being raped by men. Islington council's defence was that this concern was homophobic. Well, I know many unpleasant facts about this subject and men who rape children often prefer boys not for homosexual reasons, but as a taste preference that doesn't exist in their daily heterosexual relationships that ostensibly conceal secret lives. 

The powerful and ennobled Lord Mann attacked the former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone for stating a book called Transfer Agreement documents Zionist collaboration with the Nazis. Lord John Mann was exceptionally tireless on this subject. He wrote to Corbyn the following.

Jeremy protected Tony Blair's first Minister for Children, Margaret Hodge, the former leader of Islington Council who destroyed anyone who asked questions and was subsequently promoted by Tony from the back-benches to the cabinet as Minister for Children  charged with placating Islington's concerns that every hard working taxi driver and amoral chauffeur knew about the youngsters in the back of their vehicles they used for delivery to the rich and powerful.

Sanna Hosanna Hey Superstar, also attacked the pugilist, yet isolated MP who put a dossier on the Westminster Child Rapist Network in front of the home secretary Leon Brittan [David Mellor denied being present before it was pointed out the administrations documentation confirmed he was with his Home Secretary boss thus corroborating Geoffrey Dickens statement on the matter.]

Only the ennobled John Mann can tell us who who who is in it.

Jeremy never asked the MPs Peter and Virginia (Now Baroness) Bottomley about why they were shocked.

But it's the former heavyweight boxer, the mocked and ridiculed Tory MP turned child campaigner that Jezza savaged in the commons. 

You know Westminster.

When they feed on sacrificial blood, both sides of the house chant 'here here' just in case the dumb-fuck British are confused where and who is authorising it.

These days the Bentley's don't cruise The Angel.

There's no need. 

The children's court is held in secret session. I'll leave it to you if you want to pinpoint how many children go missing in care, or why the state has precedence over grandparents yearning to care for their grandchildren who have told me to my face that they aren't allowed to complain.