Wednesday 17 March 2021

Manly P. Hall - The Secret Destiny of America & America's Assignment With Destiny

I've always struggled with Manly P. Hall's work in the past. Maybe it's because he's a 33 degree mason or the audio presentations of him on Youtube, which are Quite formal lectures and delivered in Quite a terse manner.

On this occasion though my esoteric and historical knowledge was sufficient to open up this book and turn pages that bloomed. The first hurdle I overcame was it finally sunk in that the Masonic influence of the founding fathers was from a time when senior masons were related to the mystery schools, or the holders of knowledge for a future time. 

These days senior Masons are usually cops or judges giving light sentences to Rotherham and Telford grooming rape-gangs, thereby demonstrating that their infiltration by the Illuminati, as warned by George Washington to William Russell really is complete.


Anyone with any familiarity of my big gob will know that I've been one of the loudest critics of the Pentagon, and US empire over the last couple of decades. It's so easy to see what the objectives are, and how easily the sheep are herded into pens of bleating unison, where Middle Eastern politics and conflict is portrayed as super complex when the reality is it's super simple and having a backbone is the key problem.

Nevertheless, even in my loudest social media days, I always knew that if America fails, we will all fall, and this book is pretty much about that destiny.

Years ago, I naively ripped former Defence Intelligence Director General Flynn apart in an interview with Mehdi Hasan. In recent years I've been aware of his belief in American Exceptionalism. Well I know I got that wrong, and updated my words on the subject, but Flynn, Trump, Q et al are (imo) right.

The exceptionalism is that without the success of the American project, the world will fall to one or two power-axis players that have a longer history of subjugating their own people, so why would that change if they became the preeminent power?

China for example has a weekly holocaust going on in Xinjiang against the Uighur. The wives are raped in jails, injected with mind bending chemicals and subjected to any number of humiliations and torture, for being Muslims instead of obedient Han Chinese. We don't know so much about this genocide, because Zionist Jews dominate Hollywood, and the news landscape.

There is only one eternal victim in that stale and obnoxious narrative.

America is in a perilous state at the moment. The Democratic party have stolen the election from Trump, and everyone knows it. The only one with any ideas was packing out stadium after stadium after stadium on a daily basis (sometimes as much as five Stadia a day) and his opponent could barely rustle up 50 people at a rally. The fake president is now doing presentations from his home in Delaware with Green Screens implying he's in the Whitehouse. 

There's so much fucked up noise in the background, I can't be energised to list all the warning signals but you might want to ask why Biden hasn't flown on Airforce One yet.

I'm not close enough to have a insight on what is really going on, but by going back to the old books such as The Secret Destiny of America, and armed with the knowledge that Q shared with us, I'm confident we're in for a tumultuous time that will end in vindication.

That's not a popular view in mainstream media circles but scratch at the surface and there are people much closer to the real story who believe as I do.