Wednesday 24 February 2021

Sex Education

My daughter asked me to watch Sex Education and the Grandad-Napper™ in me was immediately dismissive (defensive?), also more entrenched when I found it was a Netflix production.

I'm looking squarely at you Tavistock & Portman

Anyway, you too might be familiar with negotiating with your progeny, so I accepted the challenge and watched the first series...

Most unexpectedly on the first episode, I had my first belly-laugh since the Luckdown™. 

I laughed my ass off, when a courgette was used as an educational prop, in so much as the ubiquitous meme asks us, 'tell me where on this courgette, the internet hurt you?'.

When my daughter asked me how it was going with Sex Education, I explained the belly laugh reaction, and she responded, I was making her cringe.

Even though we both knew it wasn't my suggestion....

I noticed a film technique, that I'd never previously seen in Sex Education.

The series is set primarily in a faux (?) US late-eighties, early 90s; high school location.

All the actors (most of whom are quite brilliant) have an English accent.

There are time and location-shifts. 

For example, when two friends occupy different decades in terms of their bicycle head-protection or another cheeky contrast was to have both actors SMS texting when the year is self evidently wrong.

Let's leave that there.

In filmic terms Sex Education is quite tastefully done, though not always agreeable.

I love the Time Lord aspect of it. It has been done before, but never on this granular level to my understanding.

There are some very special actors and I'm going to try and download the second series.

What do you think of Sex Education?