Wednesday 9 September 2015

Director of Defence Intelligence Agency | Michael Flynn vs Mehdi Hussein

This is an extraordinary interview by Mehdi Hasan. Neither of course talk about the Israeli involvement in 9/11 so we can't claim that either side is being candid, but what we can identify is a level of Beltway/Washington Consensus programming and mendacity on Michael T Flynn's side that is self evident to any rational human being.

The man is a bonehead, an unoriginal thinker, a danger to world peace.

Update: Here he is with Liz Crokin who has done sterling work on Pizzagate but is literally an bimbo airhead who has never picked up a history book. Tell her that, I'll debate her and Bonehead Shekelgruber Flynn TOGETHER. Two on one and I'll wipe the floor with them. 

Mehdi is a classic neoliberal hack.