Thursday 11 July 2013

@GeorgeGalloway Is Provably Wrong About MI6 Involvement In Triggering The Arab Spring

I'm a fan of George Galloway and I've praised him publicly here here and here, plus this tag here. In his excellent Sydney speech above, George claims that the Arab Spring was fully spontaneous and that claims of London or Washington exploiting and/or creating societal pressures are absurd. 

He feels MI6 are more Austin Powers than James Bond.

I want to say they are neither. They are professional psychopaths who swear allegiance to the Crown not Parliament.

The centre of that black sticky Royal cobweb is much darker than George Galloway has ever articulated. 

MI6 also have the SAS and many international tools at their disposal including financial institutions and VIP paedophile blackmail. This particular practice is so common that Mossad, CIA and MI6 all use it as standard when guiding targets into powerful positions. 

It's bog standard spycraft blackmail no matter how heinous it seems to normal loving human beings.

We now know from the former French Foreign minister Roland Dumas that MI6 agents were in Syria  fomenting unrest two years in preparation for the 'Arab Spring'

This is concrete evidence and if George Galloway refuses to acknowledge it he is at best in denial and at worst ignorant of the facts.

Or is that the other way round?

It's not that the Egyptian people are sheep who were guided to revolution. Egypt and others are abused pressure-cooker societies that specialist manipulators, like MI6 and the CIA, adroitly manage with IMF loans and sexual blackmail at a senior level, and management of opposition groups at a street level. 

Infiltration and agent provocateurs are as old as Statecraft.

We understand that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is populated by people who have spent time in prison for wanting Mubarak out, but basic spook manipulation of populations is from a widely available book on counterinsurgency called Gangs and Counter Gangs by Major Frank Kitson, a British army officer who wrote the bible on controlled opposition and counter insurgency.

The Greater Israel project relies on the smashing up of its larger neighbors into smaller pieces and Libya, Syria, Iran and Egypt are or were all on that list. It is no coincidence that the first person to take over from Mubarak (who let the Gaza tunnels operate) was US educated, has children with US passports and as his first acts as Egypt's new leader shut those same life giving Gaza tunnels down. He is, was and always will be a US Zionist puppet as was Moaz Khatib the US trained Oil Engineer the Americans put up to run Syria after Assad's fall, and Abdurraheim el-Kheib who the US selected to run Libya. It takes the most preposterous coincidence theorist to claim this is random chance not MI6 and CIA manipulation.

Order ab Chaos is the golden rule of the psychopaths at the top of those symbolic Pyramids and much as I like George Galloways honesty, I feel he has underestimated how the game is really played and is being currently being acted out in Balochistan, Myanmar and Dagestan Xinjiang and Chechnya.

Managed opposition is standard operating procedure. 

George Galloway's ignorance on the 9/11 fairy tale suggests he may even be managed opposition himself. Let's see if he wakes up.