Thursday, 26 February 2015

CIA and Mossad Behind Boko Haram

It's a little simplistic saying Mossad are behind ISIS because the back story is somewhat more complex.

Everybody who is awake and fully concious knows that all round the world Transatlantic Governments make inexplicable decisions every day, that the sheep and gormless consumers put down to incompetence and blow back.

Well that's not quite what is going on. The real power is a transnational shadow government who use the politicians seen in the corporate media as a front. By the time our weasel leaders have shinned up the greasy pole of pseudo power positions they are so compromised their job is to make unpopular decisions and take the abuse heaped upon them. 

They are handsomely rewarded for it with gold plated pensions and a retirement with permanent security and lucrative consultancies. While in power they are surrounded by the people who tell them what to do including security agencies, corporations and banks. This is self evident to anyone who has watched Cameron at the UN reading out conspiracy theories speeches that are typed out for him to say Putin who can take questions from his people for hours at a time with no rehearsals, no script and no dissembling.

ISIS IS ISIL Daesh and whatever rebranded name they use while the mind wipes forget about Al Qaeda relies upon CIA funded Jihadist schools, special ops armed forces, Saudi and Qatar money and CIA, Mossad and MI6 training and direction.

It's a witches brew to quote Gordon Duff. David Cameron and his ilk are not politicians they are great actors. The quicker people realise this the sooner we can get on with building a future for people that has meaning and value.