Saturday 14 December 2013

Jay Weidner on Kubrick Apollo Alchemy Aliens & Toroids

Not Jay Weidner's greatest interview, but I post it because I keep tabs on how the narrative is or has evolved. 

If I was interviewing Jay, I'd be asking him from time to time, 'how do you know that' or 'why did you come to that conclusion'. I'd do the same to a lot of people who make many claims but don't seem to have reconciled their own 2012 interpretations with the present.

Or at least it's not discussed even with hindsight.

I really think there's a hard talk style of interview needed in the esoteric circles. Not for the sake of confrontation but because it's OK to have unprovable claims but it's interesting to see the thinking or experiences behind them.

Otherwise it's just I've got a toroid in my pocket and it's pleased to see you before it folds back in on itself.