Saturday, 14 December 2013

Hitler's Circumcision - The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler by Jim Condit

It's important to remember that Hitler and Eva Braun were both of Jewish extraction (see links on names).

I've come across this information before, but it was only last night that I finally had no other choice but to seriously entertain that Hitler was likely a Kuhn & Loeb or Schiff or Warburg AKA Rothschild banking bloodline Zionist who was coaxed and guided into power all his life until he could exploit ordinary Jews for the political goals of Zionist Jews.

You can see this premise is a historical fact if the reader familiarises themselves with Transfer Agreement. This was a pact between Nazis and Zionists to establish a homeland for Jews in Palestine. You may also wish to double-check on Hitlers Jewish ancestry and do a little research on how the banking bloodlines frequently place their illegitimate children into positions of power.

It's mind-blowing stuff, but so well documented that it's impossible to reject this narrative of Hitler, if the reader has soberly researched the Banking bloodlines and how they use their bastard children to do their dirty work for them.