Thursday, 5 December 2013

Fahrenheit 451

I assumed Fahrenheit 451 had some obvious references to Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911. The only two I can make are the corporate media (plus shill experts), and coincidence theorists claim that Skyscraper steel melts at 1400 degrees when actually it melts at 2750 degrees.

But the more subtle explanation is about keeping people stupid by burning books. In this movie the protagonist's wife is more interested in watching TV programs about being beautiful than knowing about reality.

This kind of thinking is everywhere since 9/11

People more interested in the football scores, celebrity nipple and reality TV than the notion that a complex consortium of power elite parasites are turning our planet into a cross between a duty free area in a new airport and an ecocide graveyard.

Fortunately not everything is going there way. The public myth making about Israel is beginning to dissolve and all round the world, people are questioning the war on terror paranoia hoax that keeps the warmonger psychopaths in cigars and Scotch.

Watch this film if you feel you're not reading enough books. I know I have a couple that I must get cracking with immediately. That's what the film does to you if you're passionate about learning.