Thursday, 5 December 2013

Is This Another Ukrainian [CIA] Colour Revolution?

Historically the Soviet Union has been super genocidal for the Ukraine and so they are naturally inclined towards closer European Union ties. However the EU is run by the same sociopaths that are pro-Israel genocide against the Palestinians and pro War in Iraq, Syria and Iran.

These are complex times and there are no easy answers but the documentary above explains the complexity of the last round of colour revolutions (CIA flag colour revolutions) quite well.

You can be damn sure the British and the Israelis and the French and the Americans are in the Ukraine stirring it up to divide Russia and Ukraine who are geographically natural partners.

These are tough times, and made even tougher as my conversations with Russians and Ukrainians disappoints me how little real history they know.

Like those handful of Masonic/Jewish Bolsheviks that led to between 20 and 60 million dead in the Soviet empire. Before the Ukraine blames Russian genocide they should look into who did it, and who the EU finds most difficult to shake off.