Thursday, 5 December 2013

Lee Harvey Oswald - MKULTRA Victim

H.P Albarelli's book A Terrible Mistake details the presence of Lee Harvey Oswald in the area of New York's mind control safe houses, at exactly the right time for him to be sucked into the system.

I always had my suspicions, but recently when I found out Oswald was an orphan child who joined the military at an early age and then spoke two languages very quickly, it struck me he had all the signatures of a mind control victim, and that the only way to learn a language in six weeks is MKULTRA or those military/CIA mind control programs we know so well.

I think you will be convinced when you examine the evidence. 

I've written a lot about mind control as there's no way to understand the world without factoring in that a person including politicians and celebrities may be programmed. It happens a lot more than the public would think. Click on the tags below to explore the subject more fully.