Friday, 2 August 2013

American Ninja Warrior - Not All TV Is Evil

I'm horrified by the toxic corporate news media and violence on TV. They program people to tolerate as normal the unacceptable. For two years I've been pointing out that London, D.C, Tel Aviv and Saudi have been bleeding Syria dry, using Al Qaeda for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with promoting democracy.

Most people haven't noticed the media narrative changing in Syria because as long as their comfortable living is maintained what does it matter if MI6 and the CIA destabilized the country to let the psychopaths in and break it up.

However, I had the good fortune to watch more TV than I've seen in years a few nights ago and it was great fun. 

The series is called American Ninja Warrior and if we excuse the two douche bag hosts with botox driven commentary I was reminded that Americans can be among the best and most liked people in the world. All the contestants were fabulous and watching them going through their paces was good entertainment.

It's important to spot the poison on TV but equally it's only fair to point out when it does something right.