Sunday, 4 August 2013

The League of Arab Zombies | The Arab Traitors

As long as the House of Saud is the franchise holder for the city of Mecca there's an open festering wound in the heart of Islam. Like the management of both the Vatican and Jerusalem they defile the purpose of religion and those least able to see it are the religious.

Of course Saudi Arabia are an installed regime by the Western powers. There's even good cause to question if the despicable House of Saud (with their degenerate lives) are Crypto Zionists because both Saudi and Israel have such an unbelievably tight relationship.

However drilling down further into the vultures circling over Syria we have a Sunni majority clustered around the Western backed Petromonarchies. In principle the dandier looking Arabs in 'Prada' Sheik gear with white turbans and robes are, by and large the most corrupt element of Islam. They are happy to murder the Shiite minority to save their own necks.

Shame on them for propping up a world of violence. 

Shame on the West for thinking so short term. 

Shame on Israel for forgetting within half a century that they too were once victimized. 

Shame on you all.